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What will it cost?

The costs for a translation depend on the amount and difficulty of the text.

Normally, rates are charged per standard line, or, if requested, per word.

The number of standard lines in a text is calculated by counting the number of characters in the text – in other words, a smaller font doesn't mean fewer lines. How many characters make up a standard line differs from translator to translator – my standard lines have 55 characters including spaces. I calculate the number of lines in the source text so you know exactly what costs to expect. If the source text is not available in a countable format, the target text becomes the basis of calculation.

Some assignments have little text, but take a disproportionately long time to process (tables, graphs etc.). I charge an hourly rate for this type of assignment.

Line rates are usually between € 1.70 and € 2.00 plus applicable VAT, depending on the difficulty of the text.

Additional costs may apply if the assignment necessitates work outside regular office hours, if external proofreading is requested or if a translation requires authentication.

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